How to manage your resources tags

You can buy additional services such as:

  • Control Panel “cPanel”
  • Certificate SSL
  • New Domain
  • Transfer Domain


  1. Log into the Enter Cloud Suite Dashboard.

  2. Click on Tags on the left menu.


  1. To create a tag click on Create on top right
    • Insert the tag name and choose a color
    • Tags created by master user are global and can be used by all users. For example master user can create tags named Frontend,Database and Backend and then users can tag their instances using these global tags. In this way two different users, User A and User B ,for example, assigned to different projects Staging and Production can tags theirs instances with same tags.
    • Tags created by non master users are private and visibile only to the users who created them
  2. To delete a tag click on delete button on the right of the tag
    • Please note that global tags can deleted only by master user
    • Tag deletion removes also its association with all resources but it’s not retroactive and past resource usage consumption preserve their tags.
  3. Tags can be assigned to instances and volumes
    • To assign a tag to a resource click on the quick action button right to the resource and then click on Tags
    • Each resource can have up to three different tags
    • Assigned tags are visible directly in the resource list or inside the resource detail
  4. To discover wich resources are connected to a specific tag click on Tags on the left menu and then click on the count number

  5. Tags are reported inside the resource usage consumption export. In this way managers can use tags to filter data, create view and pivot to aggregate and summarize data.